Our Most Frequently

Asked Questions...

Can I microwave the wax?

The reusable melting pan is metal, and as we know metal and microwaves are not a good combination. So please do not place the pan in the microwave!

How hot should I let the wax get?

It shouldn’t simmer, bubble or boil, and once overheated it will become brittle and ineffective, it doesn’t take long to melt to a thick honey consistency.
The wax works better when applied thickly, but definitely keep your eyes on it.

How do I tell if the tapping wax is the right consistency?

The wax should be around 30-50C, in essence the consistency of honey. Everyone has different skin types and tolerances to heat. So try a little wax at very low temperatures.

How do I dispose of the wax once its used?

Please let the wax cool and then pop in the bin, do not pour down the sink, drain or toilet

I’m on holidays and got sunburnt, and I’m getting a bit wild and wooly can I use your tapping wax now?

Ouch, I hope the sunburn heals quickly for you. We suggest waiting until your skin is healed before adding a layer of hot wax and risking further damage to your skin.

Can I purchase Depi Wax products on line?

Your favourite wax is available in most Priceline stores throughout Australia and depending on stock, is often available on-line through the Priceline On-line shop.

Try this link.

"Depi Wax Pan through Priceline"