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Exceptional Products

Depi Wax Australia is an eco-friendly innovative hair removal product

 made by Australians for Australians.

Our tapping and gel waxes are designed to give you smooth salon quality hair removal results in the privacy and sanctuary of your own home.

For your peace of mind, all our products are dermatologically tested and suitable for use on delicate areas such as the face, although equally effective for use on coarse hair,

such as the underarms and bikini line.

Depi's unique formulas are developed with Australia's renown beauty therapists, leading chemists and environmentalists to bring you beautiful products you'll love to use again and again.

Our Original Pan Wax

Depi Wax Pan Wax is a DIY hair removal kit that provides effective hair removal and silky smooth skin.


The handmade pan can be heated on the stove top giving you salon results at home.

Enjoy smooth hair free results for weeks ....

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Our Pan Wax Refills

Our tapping-wax formula refill pack is available in 2 x 50 gram tablets, and includes a wooden applicator and instructions.


You simply purchase a pan initially and top up your reusable pan with a refill tablet when it is low.

Sea Salt & Manuka Honey Wax

A beautiful handmade gel wax is colour free and has no added perfumes.  

It’s great for arms and legs.

Sea salt has the power of magnesium, calcium and potassium.

and is known to absorb toxins ....

Our Philosophy

My aim in life is to bring effective quality skincare products to families.

As a mother of four I want our planet to be considered in this mission.

Our handmade wax is brought to you in a reusable pan and recyclable packaging.

Karina xx

What's everyone saying about

Depi Wax ?

Best wax I’ve ever used.


Hands down amazing, use it for my facial waxing. Only thing like it, I love that I don’t have to go out and get it professionally done & leave a salon with a red, raw face. Doesn’t make my sensitive skin react either!
Trish  - Victoria

Easy Salon Alternative

I love this product! It's very easy to use and gentle on delicate areas. I am saving heaps of money by waxing at home and am able to do it as often as I need. I would absolutely recommend others try using Depi Wax.