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love about DEPI WAX



Sunshine Coast

I love this product! It's very easy to use and gentle on delicate areas. I am saving heaps of money by waxing at home and am able to do it as often as I need. I would absolutely recommend others try using Depi Wax.
July 2018 review via Priceline



Broadbeach Qld

 I would love to try the lip balm. If it’s as good as the wax which all the girls in my family have been using for years, then I think it will be great.


April 2019 - via email




Gotta say I am so stoked you can refill the original pan! So much better for the environment to refill rather than having to buy a whole new product. Very smart.
April 2017  - review via Priceline



Melbourne VIC

Best wax I’ve ever used.

Hands down amazing, use it for my facial waxing. Only thing like it, I love that I don’t have to go out and get it professionally done & leave a salon with a red, raw face. Doesn’t make my sensitive skin react either!

June 2018 - review via Priceline



Kensington Vic

cost efficient

This wax has lasted me so long it was like a never ending pot of glory and It smells so good!

April 2018




I have tried many hair removal products as I have coarse hair but sensitive skin and have struggled to find a product that works for me. I find Depiwax to be effective at removing the hair without irritating my skin. I am super happy with their products and for it to be eco-friendly is such a bonus!
Nov 2016 - review via Priceline




I personally loved this product! Incredibly cheap compared to other waxing products. Very simple to use, only have to reheat on the stove with the small pan that's included with the wax. I don't know why anyone would put the lot in the microwave as we all know metal doesn't belong in a microwave, plus it's written do not microwave on the box! 
I also love the fact that you can re-use the pan and have the choice to buy depiwax re-fill tablets. 
Great product!!

- review via Priceline